Be Involved

Lahat Road YMCA works side-by-side with our neighbors every day to make sure that everyone, regardless of age, income or background, has the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive.  To do our important work, we rely on support from members, donors, volunteers and community leaders.

When you are involved, you help bring about lasting personal and social change.  Whether you want to nurture the potential of children and teens, improve your or your family’s health and well-being or give back and support your neighbors, your involvement will positively impact those in your community.

JOIN: Be a part of a cause for strengthening community that is committed every day to helping you and your kids learn, grow and thrive.

DONATE: Donate vital financial resources for nurturing the potential of kids, improving the nation’s health and well-being, and giving back and supporting our neighbors.

VOLUNTEER: Take an active role in bringing about meaningful, enduring change right in your own neighborhood.

ADVOCATE: Address the nation’s most pressing social issues with a nonprofit that has the long-standing track record and on-the-ground presence to not just promise, but deliver lasting personal and social change.